Easylogic Unveils GTECH Design Flow: Simplifying Functional ECO Flow for ASIC Designs
May 31, 2024
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Hong Kong, May 31, 2024 - Easy-Logic, a technology leader in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, announces the launch of its latest feature, GTECH Design Flow, integrated into the EasylogicECO tool.  This advanced functionality is developed to greatly simplify the Engineering Change Order (ECO) process, providing unparalleled efficiency and ease of use for ASIC designers.

Easylogic's flagship product, EasylogicECO, is renowned for delivering the smallest ECO patch size in the industry, providing unmatched ease of use, and ensuring seamless plug-and-play integration into any existing ASIC design flow.  By integrating GTECH Design Flow, EasylogicECO further differentiates itself from the other ECO solutions in the market.  

Key benefits of GTECH Design Flow include:

1. Enhanced Accuracy of ECO Points: GTECH Design Flow delivers superior accuracy in identifying ECO points, which are the gate-level circuits to be modified during the ECO process, over the traditional RTL-to-RTL design flow.  This ensures precise and effective modifications.

2. Minimal ECO Patch Size: EasylogicECO continues to lead the market with the smallest ECO patch size through refining ECO Points, reducing design complexity and improving overall performance.

3. Simplified Design Process: GTECH Design Flow automates EasylogicECO's plug-and-play compatibility into user's ASIC design flow without disrupting current processes, allowing a more straightforward and user-friendly ECO experience.

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"With the introduction of GTECH Design Flow, EasylogicECO has reached a new level of excellence," said Sean Wei, CEO of Easy-Logic. "Our goal is to make the ECO process as efficient and effortless as possible.  Designers can now complete their functional ECO tasks more intuitively and accurately.  We will be demonstrating the details of GTECH Design Flow at the upcoming DAC 2024 in San Francisco for designers who are interested in improving their ECO efficiency."

About Easy-Logic Technology

Easy-Logic is a leading provider of EDA solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of functional ECO solutions.  Easy-Logic has collaborated with ASIC design companies worldwide to build up a more efficient ECO design flow.  With a focus on innovation, reliability, and user experience, Easylogic is committed to helping its customers achieve excellence in their projects.  

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Source: Easy-Logic Technology Limited

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