Easy-Logic Technology Awarded as one of the Top 10 EDA Solution Providers in Asia-Pacific for 2023
August 23, 2023
Release Date:2023-08-23    Views:593    Source: EasyLogic

August 23, 2023 Hong Kong, Easy-Logic Technology has been recognized by the Semiconductor Review APAC magazine as one of the Top 10 Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solution providers in the Asia-Pacific for 2023 in its special edition published in July. 

The award selection process was spearheaded by the magazine's seasoned professionals, who conducted thorough assessments of companies engaged in the EDA sector. They ultimately shortlisted ten enterprises distinguished by their core business capabilities and pioneering solutions. Easy-Logic's consistent commitment to technological innovation, cutting-edge product development, and practical industry applications, has gained widespread recognitions in the ASIC design industry, propelling the company to the list of award recipients by Semiconductor Review APAC.


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Magazine Interview Text

Easy-Logic Technology was founded by three aspiring Ph.D. laurates who wanted to revolutionize the IC design process with a cutting-edge, fully automated engineering change order (ECO) solution.

Their remarkable journey started with the esteemed electronic design automation (EDA) contest hosted by the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), where they secured three consecutive championship titles. Their solution consistently outshone established commercial tools, leaving a lasting impression on the industry.

Inspired by their victories, the trio made the leap from academia to the commercial domain, making their EDA tool, EasylogicECO, available to all.

EasylogicECO presents a significant advantage to IC design teams by streamlining ECO tasks, encompassing from crucial register transfer level (RTL) changes to metal mask changes.

Traditionally, a significant challenge arises when critical bugs surface after the RTL stage. Rectifying these bugs necessitated revisiting multiple design stages of logic synthesis, design for testing, placement, and timing closure. This iterative process is one of the reasons for substantial delays to the design cycle.


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