Easy-Logic Will Reveal Its Latest Development Results at ICCAD 2022
December 23, 2022
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Hong Kong, Dec. 23, 2022 - Easy-Logic Technology today announced its participation at the ICCAD 2022 Conference, to be held in Xiamen, China on December 26-27.  Easy-Logic Technology will be showcasing its latest ECO features, including much-anticipated enhancements for the Design-For-Test (DFT ECO) solution.

With the increasing complexity of ASIC chip design, project schedules are becoming increasingly tight, and the needs of RTL change after RTL freeze is also increasing.  To solve this problem, Functional ECO operations are often required, which poses a great challenge to the design team.  Designers face great difficulties when dealing with DFT scan chain logic, which is automatically inserted by EDA tools during the design process.  The scan chain changes resulted by functional ECO will require designers to spend a great deal of effort to handle.

Max Qin, Chief Market Officer of Easy-Logic Technology, pointed out "A successful functional ECO can provide significant business benefits.   By saving time and costs of re-spinning projects, avoiding product delays, and preventing the serious consequences that may result, such as customer loss, contract breaches, and competitors taking the lead.   EasylogicECO from Easy-Logic Technology is currently one of the most competitive solutions on the market that can bring such benefits to customers. 

"Easy-Logic Technology's patented technology provides a shortcut for maintaining the integrity of scan chains during ECO operations".  Max continued, "EasylogicECO fully supports the DFT needs - ensuring test circuits such as scan chain and MBIST are not affected.  Moreover, if new registers are added or existing registers are removed from the ECO netlist, EasylogicECO can automatically update the scan chain and ensure DFT constraints are met, avoiding designer's manual errors and greatly accelerating the ECO turnaround time."

Max continued, "We welcome everyone to visit our exhibit and have an in-depth discussion with our technical support team on the EasylogicECO design methodology".

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