ASPEED Adopts EasylogicECO Solution for ECO Tasks

ASPEED Adopts EasylogicECO Solution for ECO Tasks


ASPEED complete a challenging ECO task for its Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) project within just 2 days of time leveraging the EasyECO solution  

Company Introduction

ASPEED Technology Inc. is a highly innovative fabless IC-design. As a pioneer of cutting-edge SoC solutions with a focus on the niche market, the company's specialties range from Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) SoC, PC/AV extension SoC, to the latest Cupola360 360-degree image processing SoC. ASPEED is currently the world's No. 1 BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) chipset provider, more information please visit: 

Challenges Encountered

ASPEED used to do ECOs manually. A last-minute customer spec change in our major projects, on the other hand, resulted in an ECO request with over 1000 instances. We couldn't incorporate the change manually because the scale of the ECO was unprecedented, and the tape out schedule was jeopardized. 

Application Stage in Design Flow

When the design spec changed, the ASIC layout (P&R) was already completed, and we almost chose to re-spin the layout. We were pleasantly delighted, however, that EasyECO finished the necessary ECO assignment in just two days. 

Solution Benefits

Not only does EasyECO produce outstanding ECO results, but it also directs our engineering resources toward increasing design productivity. To complete the P&R assignment for the back-end service provider, our front-end design team had to develop ECO commands. Our engineering resources were used up on that project. That portion of loading for us is significantly reduced by EasyECO's autonomous flow.

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