Erisedtek Applies EasylogicECO to Solve ECO Problems

Erisedtek Applies EasyECO to Solve ECO Problems

Stanley Liao

VP of Engineering, Erised Semiconductor



Erisedtek adopts EasyECO to facilitate its ECO tasks.  EasyECO enables Erisedtek to save at least two months of product development time, 40-60% mask cost, and increases designers efficiency remarkably.

Company Introduction

Erisedtek is one of the leading suppliers of panel display driver IC、PMIC、mobile driver IC.  We offer innovative IC solutions to help customers meet the challenges of today’s electronics marketplace. (

Challenges Encountered

The design complexity、urgency of time to the market、and cost down considerations make post-mask ECO tasks critical in the design cycle.  Without EasyECO, we have to manually handle the ECO work, which is extremely challenging and stressful. 

Application Stage in Design Flow

We use EasyECO, mainly for post-mask ECO tasks, in order to proactively respond to changing market needs.  This type of ECO operations will make sure that we launch our products  to the market as early as possible.

Key Advantages

Timing closure and the lowest spare cell utilization are always the most critical issues to our metal ECO tasks.  EasyECO’s strong merits of easy to operate、fast run time、and small patch size which increases the possibility of achieving difficult timing closures, are of enormous value to our project success.

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